Yarn & Coffee’s FREQUENT FIBER PROGRAM: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.       What is the Frequent Fiber Program? The Frequent Fiber Program gives you reward points for all your purchases at Yarn & Coffee. You'll accrue one Frequent Fiber point for every dollar you spend.

2.       How do I sign up? Give us your name and email address when you make your next purchase and you'll be automatically enrolled.

3.       When do I start accruing points? You'll get 25 starter points when you sign up--that's equivalent to the points you'd get from a $25 purchase!

4.       Do I get points for anything I buy, in any amount? Points are accrued on all merchandise purchases—all types of merchandise, large and small, including beverages, chocolate, and sale items. The only exclusions are classes, taxes, fees, and gift certificates. For example, you don’t accrue points for shipping costs or credit card fees. You don’t accrue points for the purchase of a gift certificate (the recipient will accrue points when he or she uses the certificate) or for exchanges of merchandise. If you return an item, you will receive a store credit and your reward points for that purchase will be deducted from your reward total.

5.       When can I use my points? Once you accrue at least 200 points, your credit is automatically applied to your next purchase. (Or, you can opt to save them for a later purchase).

6.       Can I use my points for anything? You can use your rewards toward the purchase of any item (or, as stated above, you can opt to save them for a later purchase).

7.       How do I keep track of my points? You don't have to keep track of your points--no punch cards, or tallies, or lists--we have it all here in our system. We can check on your points total when you’re here in the store. Just ask.

8.       Do I have to do anything besides buy yarn? All YOU have to do is to remember to give us your name when we ring you up (that's important, as we can't add points to your account for previous purchases).

9.       How long do my points last? Your points last as long as you shop here. They don't expire.

The (not especially) fine print: Points are non-transferable. Points are not redeemable for cash. We promise not to share your name or email address. We reserve the right to modify the Frequent Fiber Program at our discretion.